Speaking and Presentation Topics

Willie Barney Speaks:

  • The Omaha Story: 10 Years of Collaboration, Solutions & Results
  • Black America: Rise Up and Rebuild the Village
  • Collaboration, Alignment and Strategic Investments
  • Staying Positive and Focused Through the Storms
  • Who Moved the Promised Land & Where Can We Find It?
  • Inextricably Bound:  Addressing the Flames of Injustice
  • The Dream Today: Dr. King’s Dream as a Visionary Strategic Plan
  • Economic Strategies to Transform Black America
  • Working Together to Transform Communities:  Solutions, Results, and Value
  • Creating Effective Networks for Personal, Professional and Community Change
  • Leadership Characteristics from Some of America’s Top Leaders
  • Customized Topics by Request

Faith Topics:

  • It’s Possible: Yes, You Can Move the Dial through Collaboration
  • Using Your Gifts: Leadership Principles—The Book of Daniel
  • Stepping Out in Faith: Leadership Principles—The Book of Joshua
  • Rebuilding Communities: Leadership Principles—The Book of Nehemiah
  • Understanding Your Purpose & Calling: Leadership Principles
  • Dreams, Visions, Purpose and Financial Blessings
  • Facing the Giants: Haters, Doubters, Fear, and Lack of Funding
  • I’ve had Enough! Moving from Crisis to Action
  • Customized by Request

Team Presentations & Panels:

  • Rebuilding the Village: 10 Years of Working Together
  • Collaborative and Strategic Leadership
  • Cradle to Career Education Solutions
  • Career Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship Programs
  • Violence Prevention and Intervention
  • Building Strong Police Community Relationships and Achieving Justice Reform
  • The Intersection of Power, Money, Race, and Class
  • Raising Funds with Integrity