WDB Resultants

Solution-based consultants focused on measurable and tangible economic and social transformation.  We facilitate, support, organize and mobilize communities through engagement, education, and empowerment to:

  • Create thriving and prosperous African-American communities and networks.

  • Rebuild high potential, highly distressed neighborhoods including culturally and historically significant districts.

  • Build city-wide coalitions to strategically address specific challenges and utilize on community assets through planning, collaboration, alignment and strategic investments.

Our Approach:  

We use a comprehensive, community-based, collaborative change model and process developed by WDB and led by African-Americans, partnering equally with allies who believe in equity and shared decision-making.  The team focuses on community engagement, solutions, and measurable results.  The WDB collaborative approach and process was introduced by Willie Barney to media companies and others nationally and then used to create the Empowerment Network in Omaha.

The Team:

Willie D. Barney
President – WDB Resultants
President – SMB Enterprises/Co-Publisher of Revive! Omaha
Founder, President, and Facilitator – Empowerment Network
Leadership; Collaboration; Facilitation; Data & Trends; Vision; Solutions & Results

Yolanda M. Barney
Vice-President – WDB Resultants
Vice-President – SMB Enterprises/Co-Publisher of Revive! Omaha 
Small Business Development; Media and Marketing

Additional consultants, resultants, and strategists are available for a variety of topics.