Empowerment Network announces new partnership with Obama Foundation

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April 15, 2018
Meet Willie Barney, Founder and President of the African American Empowerment Network
October 5, 2019

OMAHA, Neb. —
The Rebuilding the Village Conference attracts hundreds each year, this year’s conference was no different. But a new partnership announced at the conference could change the organization’s impact for years to come.

The Empowerment Network has joined forces with the Obama Foundation. Former President Barack Obama handpicked Omaha out hundreds of applicants after hearing about the city’s step-up program, led by Empowerment Network.

“To me their model and their integration of the actual partnerships in the area is one of the advanced I’ve ever seen in this country, and that’s what really drew us in,” said William Garrett, Deputy Director with the Obama Foundation.

The partnership will offer the Empowerment Network national resources to help them carry out their mission to impact the Omaha community.

“There are national partners that they have, that they will be helping us to align with,” said Empowerment Network President Willie Barney. “Then there are local partners that will help facilitate a large initiative to continue reducing gun violence, employment opportunities and entrepreneurship as well.”

“With the platform that the Obama Foundation has we just to elevate the leaders in this space and allow for President Obama and the foundation to bring in national partners, development partners and people who are really looking at where the future of this country is going,” Garrett said.

The Obama Foundation is a non-profit organization founded when Obama was still in office. The organization’s goal is to support global education of young girls and ensure young men of color have pathways to opportunity.

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